July Wrap-Up

You guys I have failed so epically. I only read two books this month, and neither of them was the book I was supposed to read for the WSL Book Club. I don’t know what happened, or where July disappeared to, but here we are, August 1st and nothing to show for it. I will say, however, the two books I finished this month were both excellent.

I started the month by finishing off Prisoner of Azkaban, which still remains my favourite Harry Potter book. I just love the relationship Harry develops with Lupin, and I love how Lupin balances his feelings towards Harry as both his student and the son of his best friend. So good.

I tried to read the WSL Book Club book, Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, at the same time as HP3, but I had so much trouble stopping and waiting after every three chapters that I ended up putting it down and forgetting to pick it up again. Instead, I moved on to Red Queen by Victory Aveyard. This book killed me. It had so many unpredictable plot-twists that I just couldn’t put it down. I am dying to read the next book in the series but I’m waiting for it to come out in paperback so it matches. I gave this book a 4/5 on Goodreads, only because it was a slow burn book that took a while to set everything up.

The other book I completed this month was the concluding novel to Victoria Schwab’s Monsters of Verity, Our Dark Duet. This book gave me so many emotions that I’m just not prepared to talk about. Also, I can’t talk about it without giving away some major spoilers. All I can say is that it was an amazing conclusion to the duology and left me with many feels.

I finished off the month starting to read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and as I write this I am about halfway through. I completely forgot how long the last four books became, jumping from only around 300 words to almost 800. Woof. I am enjoying it immensely anyways.

I hate to jinx my reading numbers for next month, but I really do hope that I can get back to my regular levels! I hope you all had an excellent July and that August treats you just as well.


July TBR

hppoaHappy July everybody! I can’t believe we’re already here! I feel like all I ever talk about is how quickly time passes, but for real, June was gone in the blink of an eye. I hope to be spending more time actually enjoying the summer this month instead of just running around like a chicken with its head cut off. This change of pace will hopefully bring more reading time as well. I’m starting out the month finishing off Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I got about 3/4 through it during June, so it’ll be a quick job to finish it up.


The next book I plan to read this month is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I’m reading this book with my WSL Slack Bookclub. My fabulous internet friends over on the We Stayed dark matterLate slack channel decided to band together and form a book club to read and discuss one book every month. I’m two chapters into this one already, and I’m dying to read ahead, I’m already so invested.


Next up is a book that was recommended to me by one of said fabulous internet friends, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. I didn’t look up the details of what this book was about because my friend advised me against it.

Red_Queen_book_coverShe said the book is way better if you go into it without knowing anything, especially since most of the synopses out there spoil the main plot of the book. I’m looking forward to digging into this one once I’ve finished PoA.

Following Red Queen, I’m dying to pick up the concluding novel in V.E. Schwab’s Monster’s of Verity duology, Our Dark Duet. It came out in the beginning of June, and I’ve been biding my time waiting for the pretty UK paperback edition to be released. I finally ordered it earlier this week, and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I have no clue where I’ll find the room for it on my bookshelf, but I accept the challenge!dark duet.jpg

The final book I hope to get through in the month of July is book number four of my Harry Potterathon, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This book makes a drastic jump in size from the first three books, so I hope I’ll have enough time to get through it.

And there we have it! It may be a slightly ambitious list considering my last month’s track record, so wish me luck! I hope you all have a wonderful month and can take advantage of the lovely summer weather.


June Wrap-Up

Man oh man was June ever busy. I don’t really even remember anything that happened this month, and I don’t remember reading that much either. I worked pretty much non-stop, spent a weekend back home with my family, then panicked for the last two weeks of the month leading up to my move.

I moved apartments, leaving my roommate of four years, yesterday and it was a nightmare 42 hours let me tell you. The day before my move I ended up working a 13.5h day and didn’t get home until 9:45 PM. I still had some last minute packing to do so I

didn’t end up getting to sleep until after midnight. The day of, it was pouring rain, and the movers ended up being 3 hours late. The whole move took about two hours, which left me with a room full of misplaced furniture and boxes that I was too exhausted to deal with at 8 PM. In the end, I got a bit of furniture shuffling and box organizing done before collapsing into bed at 10 PM. Anyways, enough of my moving day misfortune, on to the monthly wrap-up!

I only finished three books this month. Not because I was in a slump of any kind, but because I just did not have time. Regardless, the three books I did read this month were maybe my three favourite books of the summer. I know it’s a little early in the season to make such a sweeping statement, but these books were legitimately fantastic. The_Dark_Prophecy

The first book I completed in the month of June was The Dark Prophecy, the second book in Rick Riordan’s Trials of Apollo series. If you remember, last summer I did a full review of the first book in this series that sang its praises to the moon and b

ack. I loved it so much I had nary a bad thing to say, and this sequel is no different. It was heartwarming, hilarious, and everything you could possibly want from a Rick Riordan book. I can’t give too much of an in-depth review here, because spoilers, but if you’re a fan of Greek mythology and laugh-out-loud humour then you should definitely read this series, as well as all of Riordan’s other books. I gave this book a 5/5 on Goodreads.

Up next, was a book I read in almost one sitting, Geekerella by Ashley Poston. I started this book before I went to bed, stayed up way too late reading it, then woke up again in 
geekrella.pngthe morning to finish it off. This book was just so cute, and funny, and nerdy that I couldn’t put it down. I’m almost sad I read it so quickly because it was finished too soon. I want more! I want to re-read it and then read it again. This Cinderella retelling brings together the classic love story with the most accurate representation of fandom and nerd culture that I’ve read so far. I went into the book thinking it would be a light, fun read but I definitely teared up a couple of times. The culmination at the end was also incredibly satisfying, but now I want to read more about life after this book. I gave this book a 5/5 on Goodreads as well, and I think anyone who has ever belonged to a fandom of any kind should read this book because it is wonderful.

The final book I finished in June was another beautiful, cute, and funny, romantic read. When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon is the story of an arranged marriage that seems doomed from the get-go. Dimple is incredibly independent

when dimple met rishiand bright and is not interested in a relationship of any kind, let alone marriage. Rishi, however, is a hopeless romantic who thinks the arrangement is a great idea and travels to the coding camp Dimple is attending in order to woo her. This book has been getting love all over the internet ever since the arc was first released, and I can definitely say that all the hype 100% deserved. Read this book. You won’t regret it, I promise. Another 5/5 rating on Goodreads.

And that’s a wrap on my very short list of books I read in June. I’m closing out the month reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Dark Matter by Blake Crouch simultaneously. I’m very behind on my Harry Potterathon so I’ll need to up the ante during July, and hopefully read more than three books! Check in again next week to read about my full July TBR.



June TBR

Happy June everybody! Summer is finally upon us! May was an extremely rainy month here in Montreal so I for one am ready for some summer sun! The_Dark_Prophecy

My reads for this month are a little all over the place, with a mix of fun fantasy and cutesy contemporary.

I’m starting off June with the second installment of Rick Riordan’s Trials of Apollo series, The Dark Prophecy. I adore Riordan’s writing so much and this book is no exception. I started it yesterday and I’m already loving it.

when dimple met rishiNext up I’m planning on reading the book everyone and their mother has been hyping like crazy, When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. This book follows the story of an arranged marriage between Dimple and Rishi where Rishi hopes to woo Dimple before she learns of the arrangement. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this book. I can’t wait for my copy to arrive in the mail so I can dive in!

Following that will be part three of my Harry Potterathon! Bring onhppoa Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! This used to be my favourite of the series so I’m looking forward to seeing if that holds up after all this time.

After Prisoner of Azkaban, I think I’ll be in the mood for another lighthearted contemporary. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson should hit the spot perfectly. I don’t know much about this story other than it being well loved in the YA community.

After that my TBR is up in the air. I’m hoping to fit in another Harry Potter book and maybe another short contemporary before the month is done. However, I am moving at the end of June so my reading time might take a hit. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what June has in store for us!

May Wrap-Up



Holy crap did May ever pass quickly! I don’t know how I managed to read seven books when the whole month felt only 7 days long! It’s like I blinked and *boom* it’s June.


Without any further ado, let’s get on with the wrap-up!

The first book I read in May christened the start of my summer-long Harry Potterathon. It took me only two days to read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and, as good as it was, I think it’s my least favourite of the series. Maybe it’s because it felt the youngest to me, I’m not sure. I thoroughly enjoyed my re-read, but it wasn’t as all-consuming as it once was.

My next May read was actually a comic book. After hearing nothing but amazing things about the series, I decided to dive into Brian K. Vaughan’s Saga starting with volume 1. I flew through it, finishing it in only an hour. simonvsthehomoThe art is absolutely stunning. The story was so intriguing I immediately purchased volume 2 and I can’t wait to get to it later this month.I gave it a 4/5 on Goodreads.

Next up, while biding my time until my copy of ACOWAR arrived, I decided to pick up Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Backy Albertalli. This book was such a joy to read. Becky really knows how to get into the mind of a teenager. The story is endearingly relatable and the cast of characters refreshingly diverse. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda will leave you heart warmed and happy. I gave this book a 5/5 on Goodreads.

ACOWAR_USAnd now, my most anticipated book of the summer, A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. I waited an entire year to get my hands on this baby and it did not disappoint. I know a lot of people have problems with this series but I am such trash for it. I think this book did a good job of wrapping up the original trilogy while still leaving the open-ended enough for her spin-off novels. This book wasn’t perfect, I’m not entirely pleased with how they handed the Tamlin arch and I felt that every conflict wrapped up too neatly too quickly. That being said, Sarah’s writing is completely addictive and the main relationship in this series is just wonderful to read. The second book is still my favourite, but this concluding novel perfectly satisfied my craving. I won’t go into any alwaysandforevermore detail of the plot or character relationships because spoilers! I gave ACOWAR a 4/5 on Goodreads.

After the emotional wreckage wrought I needed something light, happy, and cute, so of course, I turned to the queen of sweetness Jenny Han. Always and Forever, Lara Jean is the concluding novel of Han’s  To All the Boys I Loved Before trilogy. This book is the perfect summer read as it takes place in the time leading up to Lara Jean’s departure for college. This book had everything you love about Jenny Han’s writing; sisterly love, growing and changing family dynamics, and a sugary sweet love story as perfect as Lara Jean’s chocolate chip cookies. I gave this book a 4/5 on Goodreads. theupside

Up next I read the book I received in my April Owlcrate box, The Upside of Unrequited by Backy Albertalli. That’s right y’all, two Albertalli books in one wrap-up. My review for this book is almost identical to the previous one. Relatable, diverse, heartwarming, a joy to read. There isn’t really much more to say, other than READ ALL HER BOOKS. I promise you won’t regret it. Solid 5/5 on Goodreads.

Finally, wrapping up the month, I continued my Potterathon with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This book used to chamberofsecretsbe my least favourite of the series, but after this reread it’s definitely rising in the ranks. I much preferred this one to Philosopher’s Stone. I just love this series so much, doing this summer re-read was the best idea I ever had.

And there we have it! My May reading wrap-up! I hope you all had a lovely month, and I hope the spring showers didn’t hit you too hard. Summer it right around the corner! Bring it on June!



Roses are red, Aprils are grey, but in a few days…..


It’s that time of year again! Poor JT will never escape this meme, it’s just too funny. I don’t care how much it’s plastered all over the internet, it always makes me laugh.

new-sorcerers-stone-cover.jpgFollowing the abysmal reading month I had in April, I am hoping to read like crazy during May. There are so many amazing books coming out this month, so I have no doubt I’ll be powering through as many as I can to keep up.

The first book I’m reading in May is the start of my summer Harry-Potter-athon! That’s right, I’m going to re-read the entire series over May, June, and July. I’m planning to open and
close the month with the first two Harry Potter novels, starting with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Once I finish the book, I’m going to watch the movie to compare. You can read about my HP journey here on the blog, as I will be posting monthly updates!

ACOWAR_USThe next book is probably my most anticipated book of the year, A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas. I have been dying to get my hands on this book ever since I finish ACOMAF last May, and at long last, it will be mine! I have preordered my copy, nd it’s due to arrive May 3rd.  Unfortunately, I can’t get too much into the plot without some major spoilers for the first two books so all I’ll say is that I need to know what is going to happen to all my favourite characters ASAP.

After what I anticipate to be the most heart-crushing book, I’ll need a lighthearted pick alwaysandforeverme up to raise me up again. Always and Forever, Lara Jean, by Jenny Han, will fit the bill. The first two books in this series were so cute and funny, the romance is addictive and the family relationships are a joy to read, I’m sure the third book will be just as wonderful.

After those two new releases, I’m not sure where to go next. I have so many unread books on my shelf, I don’t know where to begin. Maybe I’ll read Lola and the Boy Next Door, by Stephanie Perkins. Perhaps I’ll marathon through Becky Albertalli’s two books, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and The Upside of Unrequited (the OwlCrate book of the month for April). Or maybe I’ll finally read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell like I’ve been meaning to since last August.

Whatever happens in between, I plan to close out the month reading book two in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This one is actually my least favourite in the series, I find it a little boring. However, it is a short one so it’ll be a quick read. chamberofsecrets.jpg

And there we are! My somewhat undefined TBR list for the month of May. Honestly, I’m just so excited for school to be over and summer to begin. Last semester was a pretty rough, and April was no picnic either, so I’m thrilled to finally be able to read and write to my heart’s content! I hope you all have a very happy May and a great start to the summer!

The Coffee Book Tag

It’s been raining all week here in Montreal, and that’s put me in a cozy mood. All I want to do is curl up with a cup of coffee, a book, and a blanket, and hide from all my 23C5E8C4-3B2F-45ED-8E72-5884DC8AF5A4.JPGresponsibilities. Since that’s not possible, I thought I would make up for it by participating in the coziest tag there is: the Coffee Book Tag (originally by BangadyBangz).


  1. Black: Name a series that’s tough to get into but has hardcore fans.

The book I have for this first question is The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon. I’m not sure how widespread the fan base of this series is, but I know the few that are out there are definitely hardcore. The book is a little hard to get into since the world building is so intricate, but once you get through that confusion the resulting story is fantastic. I could not put this book, or its sequel, down. The third book in the series came out March 7th, and I can’t wait to dive in once my copy arrives.

  1. Peppermint mocha: Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or a festive time of year.

I have two answers for this one. The first, for me, is Harry Potter (any and all of them). There’s just something about the holiday season that makes me nostalgic for my old favourites. My sister and I always have a mini marathon of the movies while I’m home for the break, so Christmas time is Harry Potter time for me.

The second book is the compilation of holiday stories My True Love Gave to Me. The stories represent a diverse cast of characters of varying religions and are written by all your favourite Young Adult authors. It’s the perfect festive read.

  1. Hot chocolate: What is your favourite children’s book?

Hands down Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. My mom used to read it to me as a bedtime story, and while I worked as a camp counsellor I read it to my kids. My co-counsellor and I would read it together and sing the song part as a lullaby to help the young ones get to sleep. I hope to one day share it with my own children someday.

  1. Double shot of espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

There are too many to choose from on this one, but if I had to choose one it would be A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. Honestly, any of SJMs books could answer this question because they’re all insane. However, ACOMAF was next level crazy from beginning to end.

Honourable mention goes to both books from the Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo.

  1. Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere.

Since the Netflix series just came out, 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher seems to be everywhere I look. I’ve never read the book myself, but I hear the show is a smash hit.

  1. That hipster coffee shop: Give a book by an indie author a shoutout

I am so ashamed. I don’t have an answer for this one. I haven’t read and self-published/indie authors, but if you have any suggestions please let me know!

  1. Oops! I accidentally got decaf: Name a book you were expecting more from.

For this one, I have to go with Roseblood by A.G. Howard. This book is based on Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera, which is one of my all-time favourite stories (the musical especially). My biggest mistake was setting my expectations too high. It wasn’t a bad book, but it didn’t have as much dark, twisted mystery and romance as I was expecting. The original story makes me feel so many feelings (I cry every time I watch the musical), but this retelling left me wanting more.

  1. The perfect blend: Name a book or series that was both bitter and sweet but ultimately satisfying.

Without a doubt, the answer has to be The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johanssen. I love this series so much, but the concluding novel tore my heart to shreds. I can’t get into the reasons why without sharing some major spoilers, but I will say the plot twist in this book are mind-blowing.

April TBR

Happy days are here again! Goodbye snow, hello April showers. I know a lot of people don’t love rain, but I do. All the snow and dirt gets washed away ready for a clean start. However, as much as I love the change in weather, April is set to be my most busy month, which I am not looking forward to. With the start of spring comes the end of the winter semester, so now is the time where everyone is rushing to finish their final projects and study for their exams, myself included. I have only about a week of school left at the time I’m writing this. One week untillondon belongs to me freedom. One dawn, one more day, one week more. Anytime I’m counting down to something I always get that Les Mis song stuck in my head. Anyway, with that long ramble over with here is what I’m planning on reading this month.

First on the list is my current read London Belongs to Me by Jacquelyn Middleton. This book is cute contemporary filled with nerdy references and clever humour. The story follows recent university graduate Alex Sinclair as she moves to London and tries to make her mark as a playwright. So far, I’ve been really enjoying it. As a fellow fangirl, I relate to Alex and her love of all things nerdy. I laugh so hard at every refwayfarererence she makes, and I share so many of the same interests, from her obsession with British television to her passion for Marvel and DC superheroes. I’m looking forward to seeing where this story will take me.

Following London Belongs to Me, I finally want to dive into Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken. This book is the sequel to Passenger, a magical novel about time travel, mystery, and pirates. It’s hard to talk about the plot to Wayfarer without getting into spoilers for Passenger. All I can say is that I’m looking forward to reading about the epic quest the characters have been drawn into! Also, I must reiterate the main selling point of these books: time traveling pirates!

islaUp next is Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. Whenever spring comes around, I always find myself craving cute, romantic contemporaries. Something about the season puts me in the mood for a light, fun read that doesn’t have as much intensity and drama as my usual fantasy picks. I read Perkins’ other book, Anna and the French Kiss, earlier this year and absolutely loved it, so I have high hopes for Isla. I also have Perkins’ third book, Lola and the Boy Next Door, coming in the mail, so depending on when it arrives that may be added to this month’s list.

Considering how much work I have this month, I’m not sure if I’ll have that time to read any more than these three books. However, if by some miracle I manage to find the time, I would love to add Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On to this month’s TBR. I’ve wanted to read this one for months and months, it’s been on so many of my TBRs in the past, but I never get around to it. I know I’ll love it, I just have to start.

As much as I am looking forward to reading all these wonderful books, April is a bit of a filler month for me. There are so many books coming out at the beginning of May that I’ve been waiting a year or more for, I can hardly wait for them to arrive at my doorstep. Plus, once April is over, we are one step closer to summer!

March Wrap-Up

March has come and gone, and here in Montreal, we are still waiting for spring. The weather this month has given me some serious trust issues. The only bright side of gross, snowy weather is the excuse to stay inside and read. I read five books this month, which is impressive considering my complete lack of free time. I only managed to read so much because every book was so addictive I couldn’t put it down.

I started the month finishing Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. It’s crookedvery rare for me to find a sequel better than the first books, but this series did it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved Six of Crows, but everything about Crooked Kingdom felt so much more intense. The stakes were higher, the relationships grew in their complexity, and the plot was even more gripping. Inej is still my favourite character. Her character growth in this book was so wonderful to read. Throughout the duology, Inej struggles with an internal disconnect between the girl she was, and the woman she’s become. Her entire morality is built on what she learned from her parents, but her survival meant having to compromise that morality again and again. The battle between her two selves is evident in every choice she makes, but it helps her become the strong, resilient woman she needs to be. If I could give this book higher than 5/5, I would.

Following that, I read This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab. My favourite part of this book was the friendship tthis savage ukhat developed between Kate and August. Kate is a human girl who wants to prove to her father that she can be just as cruel and “strong” as he is. August is a monster who only wants to be human. The two are thrown together when the war between their two families comes to a breaking point. I really enjoyed reading about these two deeply flawed characters who find solace in each other, without it becoming romantic. This book did such an excellent job of building up the world and the characters, I can’t wait for the sequel to come out in June. I gave this book a 5/5 as well.


I loved V.E. Schwab’s writing so much, I thought I’d carry on with more of her books. The next book I read was the first in her Shades of Magic series, A Darker Shade of Magic. This was another epic fantasy tale featuring a platonic male/female friendshidarker shade of magicp. Kell is a magician who can travel between worlds and Lila is a wannabe pirate with fighting skills as sharp as her tongue. The book is set in four different versions of Lond
on. The first, Grey London, is the one most similar to our own with no magic of any kind. The second, Red London, has the strongest magical presence. The third, White London, is faded and cruel where magic is rare and dying. The final, Black London, is the lost world where magic burned through everything and everyone until it was sealed off and dead. The world building in this book is incredible. They way Schwab describes the different Londons makes everything feel so real and alive. However, it was a bit of a slow start for me. It might have been bad timing with school, or it might have been the plot’s beginnings. Either way, I did really enjoy it by the end. I gave it a 4/5 on Goodreads.

Next, I finally dove into OwlCrate’s February book, Caraval by Stephanie Garber. I was initially super excited to read this one because of its comparison to The Night Circus. However, oncaravalce I actually had it in my hands, I became a bit hesitant. I was worried that my high expectations would let me down, so I wanted to wait for the buzz around this book to die down before I gave it a go. And now, I can truthfully say that I loved this book. I was drawn in right away and could not put it down. I read the whole thing over two days. This book was magical and whimsical, and a little bit twisted. I read a review by HaileyInBookland where she described the world perfectly, calling it a “grotesque Wonderland-like world where the Mad Hatter is calling the shots.” I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loved The Night Circus. I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads.

The final book I read this month was By Your Side by Kasie West. After all the intense fantasy and magic of the first four books, I wanted to close the mby your sideonth out with something light and fun. This book was perfect for that. It was so cute and sweet and left me with a smile on my face. I like to call books like this “book crack” because they make you feel all light and happy, but you get so addicted you never want it to end. I read the entire book in one day, and I wish I had more. This book also took on a few serious topics like the foster care system and mental health disorders, and I think they were addressed really well. Since the book is a light, romantic read, it didn’t dive into the complexities of either of these topics, but it touched on them in a way that was respectful and genuine. At the end of the day — well more like at 2 AM after forcing myself to stay up and finish it — I gave it a 4/5 on Goodreads.

And that’s a wrap on my March reading. Tune in later this week for my April TBR list!

Top 5 Books I Read Winter 2016/17

The weather here in Montreal has been anything but spring-like this past week. This weekend we got down to -30°C (-22°F), and got another huge dump of snow up to 35 cm (14″). In an effort to summon forth real spring weather, I thought I would write about the top five books I read through December, January, February, and the first half of March. Without further ado, winter begone!

5. Heartless by Marissa Meyer

This book was my favourite read of December. Marissa Meyer really does know how to write the most captivating love stories. From the very beginning, you know this story doesn’t have a happy ending, but you can’t help becoming invested in the relationship between Cath and Jest. Meyer’s writing draws you into the universe she’s created, heart and soul. It may have been a retelling/prequel of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, but she made the world her own, and I loved every bit of it. I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads.

4. The Fate of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

The Fate of the Tearling is the concluding novel of Johansen’s Queen of the Tearling series. This book was a rollercoaster. I can’t get too much into the specifics without spoiling the entire series, but I can say that the ending took me completely by surprise. When I first finished it, I was so angry, but after thinking about it for a while I know it was the best way to end it. I was just so invested in all of the characters that it completely broke my heart when they didn’t get the ending I envisioned. In this end, the conclusion was exactly what the story needed. I originally gave it a 4/5 on Goodreads, but the more I think about it, the more I love it. It’s definitely a book and a series that I’ll go back to and read again.

3. This Savage Song by V.E. Schwab

I actually just finished this book recently, so my love for it is still fresh in my mind. This Savage Song is the story of a human who wants to be a monster, a monster who wants to be a human, and the friendship that grows between them. I loved reading about each character’s struggle to be something they aren’t. Kate wants nothing more than to prove to her father that she can be as ruthless and cruel as he is. August was born a monster and is striving to hold on to his slipping humanity. One of the things I loved the most about this story is that there was no romantic subplot. Kate and Augusts are thrust together by their families at war with each other, and through it all, they develop a tenuous friendship that saves both of their lives. I gave this book a 5/5 on Goodreads and I can’t wait for the upcoming sequel that’ll be released this summer.

2. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This book was so beautiful. The story was so wonderfully crafted. Rothfuss is such a talented writer and storyteller. I don’t even know what else I can say about this book without sounding repetitive. Everything about it was great. The only reason it’s number two on my list is because I didn’t get as obsessively invested in it as I did for my number one pick. Regardless, this book was a joy to read in its own right. I gave it a 5/5 on Goodreads as well.

1. The Six of Crows series by Leigh Bardugo

Ok, so I’m cheating a little here. My number one book is actually two books, but I just couldn’t choose. I read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom back to back, so it really did feel like reading one long book. I instantly became completely obsessed with the story and the characters. The plot was so exciting I never wanted to put it down. I loved every single character, but Inej was definitely my favourite. I’m always partial to strong female characters who are also deeply flawed. She has done and seen some pretty horrible things, but she knows who she is and what she believes in, and she will fight for the people she loves. The only downside of reading these two books in quick succession is that it’s over too quickly. The series was only a duology, so now I’m left wanting more from a story that’s finished. I gave both books 5/5 on Goodreads.

Honourable mention for this season goes to the first two books in The Remnant Chronicles  by Mary E. Pearson, Crystal Storm by Morgan Rhodesand Passenger by Alexandra Bracken. I read so many great books this winter it was almost impossible to choose a top five, and these books deserved some attention for almost making it. I can only hope my spring reading is just as full of amazing books.